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It’s the event of a lifetime, the party of the year, the début of the season, an affair of the heart. It’s about transcending trends, comprehending customs, embracing technology and appreciating irony. Together, we orchestrate a day that harmoniously reflects your style, vision, taste and love. We adore personal details and the challenge to creatively incorporate them into your day! A wedding never occurs twice as it is a story, a story of your personality brought to life with the design, style and theme. From ballrooms to barnyards, we love it all as long as it speaks to and about you!

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With an extensive background in Interior Design, Sabrina Anthony was always passionate about bringing her clients specific design elements to life whether creating home décor or styling an event. Her clients recognized her creativity and at their urging, that defined her decision to transition into wedding and event planning industry. From the start, she had a clear understanding that her design background would benefit her greatly in the world of planning weddings. She thrives on the challenge and commitment that comes with planning a wedding or event, Sabrina has a natural empathy with each of her clients and they feel confident in her ability to deliver their dreams. Her warmth and professionalism will bring a sense of calm to any planning process and wedding day. She especially enjoys building fabulous friendships with her clients. With strong family support and business savvy knowledge, this gave her the opportunity to put her design skills and expertise to doing something that she is very passionate about. That’s when Crystal Pink Events born!

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-ashela t.

I used Crystal Pink for my wedding for planning and design. Working with Sabrina was wonderful!! She is very hands on and sees a your vision before you. She has gone above and beyond for us and I am forever grateful for her and her assistant who help keep me calm when my nerves began to get the best of me. Plus she is FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! 😍 I love you Sabrina!!

Fabulously Beautiful

-shara a.

"Sabrina is the Olivia Pope of weddings, whatever you need, want or any issues that may arise it's already handled! She was always cool and calm even when I was in a panic over the tiniest thing. She makes wedding planning look effortless! My wedding day was absolutely perfect and it's all because of her. If anything went wrong I never knew about it because she made sure everything and everyone was flawless. I can't thank her enough."

Absolutely Perfect

-shauna d.

"The warmth that Sabrina and her assistants showed me, my family, and all of our guests made the atmosphere so fun and full of love! She gained my trust through her organization, but she maintained it through her gracefulness, positive attitude, and persistent composure. Her team made sure I didn't lift a finger despite my bossy Type A nature. I would recommend Sabrina to absolutely everyone. She will be your saving grace for your event. Thank you for everything! "

Saving Grace for Your Event

Wedding planning is a complex process which totals to an average of 300-400 working hours. It entails numerous complexities in each step necessary to plan your beautiful, and timeless wedding day.

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